Design & Engineering

The design and engineering team at K E Brown is one of the most experienced in Australia and is able to meet the requirements of customers for custom-built electrical switchboards.

Our team incorporates hands-on experience and first-class management expertise blending those who have made their way up from the factory floor to those who have chosen to add skills acquired either locally or from overseas.

Our team specialises in working with customers to design whatever is required from simple distribution boards to the most complex Form 4 assemblies. Through the use of state of the art design software we can meet your project needs by offering a fully-engineered solution using your preferred equipment.

Our team operates from ISO 9001:2015 with design verification and validation to Australian Standard AS/NZS 61439 "Low Voltage Switchgear and Control Centre Assemblies" which ensures that when customers specify their requirements, each and every item is addressed and documented. Members of the Design and Engineering team meet on a regular basis to discuss the range of projects being worked on at any one time and to share developments in the fast moving world of energy management.

For your new or existing installation, K E Brown's highly experienced design staff can undertake a discrimination study in order to minimise power outages to your critial services in the event of a fault. Discrimination is an important aspect of electrical system design. Our team will inspect your existing equipment or review your new installation's drawings in order to provide a comprehensive discrimination study.

Our World Class Design Capabilities include

Full certification to AS/NZS 61439

Lifting & corrosion testing

Arc fault containment

100ka certification

Temperature Rise Testing

IP Testing

Latest AutoCAD 3D Electrical

Advanced electrical discrimination software

Temperature rise calculation software


K E Brown's factory staff has many years' experience in the manufacture of custom-built electrical switchboards, and are committed to producing and delivering high quality products to meet the needs of customers.

As with the design team this commitment is supported through the Company's Quality Management System, and the holding of regular production meetings to ensure that time and other requirements are met.

Located at the Warriewood factory is a state of the art sheet metal fabricating section using the latest in technology to produce the necessary enclosures which are then powder coated, in any colour to suit a customer's needs. The Warriewood factory also has some of the most up-to-date equipment necessary to produce busbar requirements, such as bending, punching and cutting tools.

Upon completion of the metal enclosures and busbar requirements the electrical team cable and install the switchgear components, using your preferred equipment, according to the workshop drawings produced by the Design and Engineering team. Comprehensive Inspection and Test plans are completed by qualified staff on each switchboard, and these are available to our customers on request. Customer representatives are also welcome to inspect their manufactured switchboards prior to dispatch.

Finally, K E Brown can arrange for the delivery of the switchboard to your site on a modern self-loading vehicle where it can be off-loaded and positioned as part of the service should you require it.

Research and Development

K E Brown recently completed testing to fully certify K E Brown Switchboards to the latest Australian Standard AS/NZS 61439.

Our full certification includes 100kA fault level protection, temperature rise, arc fault containment, lifting, corrosion and IP testing.

While the standard allows for a five-year grace period in which to complete testing, K E Brown completed all testing in year one, giving our customers comfort that they are obtaining the most up to date Australian Made switchboards in the marketplace.

Staying on top requires a constant focus on continuous improvement. This is K E Brown's commitment to its customers and the industry.

Field Validation

Quality Assurance is a never-ending process at K E Brown and begins with our accreditation to ISO 9001:2015 which is the basis from which the Design and Engineering Team operates.

Full certification to Australian Standard AS/NZS 61439 Low Voltage Switchgear and Control Gear Assemblies ensures that when our customers specify their requirements each and every item is addressed and documented.

But it does not stop there, when the product is delivered into service, our Quality Assurance Team follows it out into the field with our Field Verification and Validation to ensure that the design produced continues to offer optimum results. This quality re-assurance service validates our designs that are in service and contributes valuable hard data to our Research and Development Team as they work to further innovate and enhance our current designs. Validated operational experiences sees K E Brown switchboard design incorporating even better functionality and reliability.

Field Reports and Operational Logs are reviewed by our independent Quality Auditors who focus on critical areas of external and internal enclosures, busway and chassis, cabling and switchgear performance. The team at K E Brown is thorough and painstaking because we understand that switchboards are one of those vital pieces of industrial technology no-one notices unless something goes wrong.

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